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20 Stitches. More than 80 colours. Infinite Possibilities.

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Handmade by mountain masters, inspired by the shapes of nature, our 3D Stitches collection is a manifestation of life through design

Stitches 3D is a fabric made of burel wool, where through its manual manipulation are created three-dimensional patterns with a unique design aesthetic, which reflects some shapes present in nature. The fabric that was first used to cover small surfaces such as small furniture pieces like stools and cushions, was soon imagined by architects and engineers as a solution for wall coverings, distinction of different environments and interior decoration. Shortly afterwards there were walls at Microsoft, Deloitte and Nokia headquarters and several hotels, lined with this material.

This fabric is composed of 100% wool and produced in a loom. Then goes to the factory atelier where he begins to take shape. The final process is always manual, which makes it completely possible to be customised to the project, and is always different depending on the Stitch, the colour and the type of application intended.

Its unique design combines comfort with functionality. In fact, it is its technical features that give it a greater context in architecture and interior design, due to its thermal properties, isolating spaces from both cold and heat, while enhancing greater energy efficiency; and acoustic, attenuating the reverberation of the sound, making it an ideal solution for offices and any type of interiors. Added to this is the fact that it is an ecological, natural, sustainable and 100% Portuguese.




Wall Coverings

Burel Factory executes a set of proposals for interiors, made to measure with a unique identity, praised by a wide range of 3D Stitches and more than 80 colours. A versatility that explores the limits imposed by the imagination. The resistance of the burel fabric leads it to withstand abrasion, rupture, pressure, light exposure and temperature variations without losing shape or colour. It is water-repellent, fire-resistant and easy to maintain, since its texture repels part of the main dust particles. Available in 20 different 3D Stitches, more than 80 colours and 4 different densities - 400gr, 600gr, 800gr and 1400gr.

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