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Ana Baleia

Ana Baleia was born in 1979 in Alcabideche, Portugal.

Graduated in Fashion Design from the University of Architecture  of Lisbon in 2002/03, Ana worked with the stylist Dino Alves along with brands such as Sacoor Brothers and Soulbrother. In 2008 she develops necklaces’ brand NeckDress which was highlighted in initiatives of Serralves Foundation (Oporto) and MoMa (New York). Her activities comprise projects in the fields of clothing and accessories, objects’ design, workshops as well as clothing for shows over the recent years as in the case of Teatro ao Largo (theatre) in 2013/14 and Miguel E Los Angels (performance) in 2017.

In the same year, Ana launched a new brand called ‘What a Waste’ in collaboration with Burel Mountain Originals.