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To our Burel family

For some time now, we have been living through circumstances that have affected all of us. And while we are not back to normal, we would like to provide some clarification to our esteemed customers:

For the sake of the safety of our customers and employees, we closed our physical stores until the imposition of new measures by the Portuguese government. However, Burel Factory continues to operate in order to offer you some comfort and safety.

Our factory is still in operation, with the reinforcement of safety measures, despite being isolated up in the mountain.

Our online store is open and functioning.
We have deliveries sent every day, right after its purchase on the website www.burelfactory.com, unless the product is out of stock.

Our products are delivered to your home, with free shipping to Portugal and Spain, in complete safety, complying with all standards imposed by the Portuguese Health Department. We also extended the deadline for returns to 45 days.

We are here to listen to you, to answer you.
Our Customer Service assists when needed, from Monday to Friday.

Our team keeps on working hard with the commitment of providing you with days comforted by the tenderness of wool.

We are sure that we will return to normal soon.
Until then, don’t leave Portuguese support brands and a small region economy like the one it represents. We are not the ones who depend on you, they are the ones who have to work with us and for whom they fail.

It’s because of you, our team and community that we are here.  

Thank you so much for everything.