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Casa Das Penhas Douradas

Burel Expedition Hotel

A House on the Mountain.

At the top of Serra da Estrela there is a House that is a Hotel.

A house bathed in scent of jasmine, heather and rosemary. A House coated by burel and the wool that grows in the valleys covered by the breadth of horizons.

The House of the Penhas Douradas.

At 1500m altitude, everything changes.

Time lingers in the company of the breeze that bathes the twigs. The colours change to the rhythm of the seasons: the yellows of spring, the greens of summer, the oranges of autumn and the whites of winter.

Silence cleanses our senses and makes us appreciate the beauty in the simple things. The heart beats faster, the peace is in the soul and the flavors invade the body to appreciate the company.

In the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela comfort is accompanied by the genius of Wegner, Mogenson, Bruno Mathsson, Pedro Silva Dias, Pedro Brigida and Catarina Pinto Leite.

The paths designed by the shepherds, today they are paths that justify adventures. That make us explorers of secret places, heritage built by history and traditions defined by the arts of the trade.

In Serra da Estrela there is still a wool factory that still moves to the sound of old looms, pulleys that preserve the past and boost the future.

At the top of Serra da Estrela there is a Hotel that is a House.

Surrender to the rest of the Mountain.

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