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Burel wool

Versatility, strenght, colour and texture.

100% wool fabric, traditionally used by shepherds from the mountain, the Serra da Estrela’s typical fabric is now supported by the creativity of the best Portuguese designers. After being carded, the wool becomes a wick, that is then twisted and turned into wire. This goes through the warmer and become a thin web, then goes to the loom and becomes a “xerga”. The “xerga” goes through a bath and other treatments and finally becomes burel wool. 

Burel is a very resistant and versatile fabric that goes from shepherd capes to protect against the rainy, snowy and cold mountain days, to modern design ideas and solutions, accompanied by a wide range of textures and colours. Withstands traction, pressure and exposure to light, supporting intensive use without changing colour or shape. It is water-repellent, thermal and easy to maintain. It is available in more than 80 cores, 4 different densities (400gr, 600gr, 800gr, 1400gr), depending on the application. When making pieces of burel and applied wool from Bordaleira sheep, the indigenous type of Serra da Estrela which, due to its longer wool, makes it ideal for burel production. 

Lanifícios Império

Clothing fabrics. A glimpse from the past.

We recovered a vast collection of fabrics: wool, flannels, meltons, tweeds, tartans, bouclés, among others. Our intervention was made in order to bring these high quality fabrics back to life, to make them have a place in today’s market. Most of them maintain the original manufacturing process, which we decided on, for the sake of ensuring the quality and history to the product. 


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Mantecas Burel Factory

Mantecas is the brand of our blankets, shawls and scarves, which kept some of the mesmerising patterns from the old design books we found in the remains of the factory, upon its recovery. Wool fabrics, made on ancient looms and finished by hand, with or without fringes. Today, its application is vast, and extended to areas such as fashion and design, with the fabric being used for making coats, ponchos and many other pieces. A versatility guaranteed by the multiple options of patterns and colours, and by the wool quality, certified by nature.. 




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